Dear Members of the Padua College Community,

Refugee Week

This week provides us with the opportunity to reflect on the plight of the 45 million people worldwide who are considered to be displaced from their homeland because of war, famine, natural disasters, religious discrimination or other political reasons.

As a Catholic Community, this provides us with the opportunity to reflect on the value and sacred dignity that each human being who is made in the image of God truly deserves.

To recognise the wonderful contributions that refugees make to our local and national communities, we have undertaken a number of activities this week:

* Each Religious Education class has been involved in a Class Liturgy celebrating these and praying that our politicians will put human life at the forefront in all decision making.

* As a way of standing in solidarity with those Asylum Seekers and Refugees who have been denied the human rights to seek refuge and asylum (and who are detained in inhumane conditions on Manus Island and Nauru Island) we held a “Circle of Silence” yesterday in the Mary Bowe quadrangle at the Mornington Campus. This was a powerful sign of solidarity by students and staff and was co-ordinated by Mrs Bern Young and the College Social Justice Leaders.


Indigenous Immersion

This Saturday, 9 Year 11 students and 1 Year 12 student, accompanied by Mr Peter Harte and Mrs Tania Grace, will leave for the 10 day Indigenous Immersion to Warralong in Western Australia. This will be an amazing experience for these students and staff and I extend to them my best wishes for their travels.

Year 10 & 11 Exams, GAT and Semester 2 Timetable

Congratulations to all students undertaking a 3/4 Unit this year on completing the GAT last week. I also wish to offer my thanks to Mrs Belinda Taylor, Mr Curtis Stone, Ms Gina Goss and all Year 11 and 12 House Co-ordinators and teachers for the way in which they prepared our students for this exam. Our Chief Examiner, Ms Helen Sullivan, commented on the mature manner in which our students conducted themselves on GAT day and was very impressed.

I would also like to thank and congratulate all students and staff (in particular Ms Kelly McGurn, Mr Shane Trembath, Mrs Helen Sugameli and Miss Amy Beale) for the way the Year 10 and Year 11 Exams have been conducted over the past two weeks.


Student Reports

Student Reports will be available on PAM (Parent Access Module) and SIMON on the final day of Term, Friday 30 June. I wish to thank all staff for the efforts they are making to prepare these reports for our students and you, their parents, so that they are a meaningful reflection of their work for this Semester.


Staff News

I extend my best wishes to Mr Ed Traczyk (R) and Mrs Maria Rittman (T) who will be on Long Service Leave for the remainder for the Term, and to Mrs Patty Kain (M) who has also commenced Long Service Leave returning in Week 3 of Term 3. Mrs Jo Mirabella (M) returns from Long Service Leave next week.

I extend my best wishes to Mr Frank Colcott (M), Mr Emilio Di Paolo (M) and Mr Andrew Sambell (M) who have all undergone surgery recently and will be on leave for the remainder of the Term.

This week we welcomed back Mrs Amelia Brooks (M) from Maternity Leave and Mr Danny Goss from his period of Long Service Leave.

As this will be the last edition of The Paduan before the end of Term 2, I wish all students and families a restful break and I look forward to an amazing Term 3 at Padua, especially as we approach the exciting College Production in the coming weeks.

Anthony Banks