Trocaire Award Winners

The Trocaire Awards seek to recognise students who exhibit a willingness to work in the spirit of their House for other members of the Padua College community or for the broader community in general.  The word Trocaire is taken from the Irish and means compassion.  Nominations for these awards come from students directly to House Co‑ordinators. We congratulate the following Trocaire Award winners:


Lily Fox

Year 9 Doyle

For her oustanding results in the Italian Poetry Competition.


Marieke Custers

Year 12 Mercy 

For her Community Service.


Catelyn Malone

Year 7 Geoghegan

For taking on recycling organisation.


Ashlie McIntosh

Year 9 McAuley

For her continually efforts in raising awareness for those less fortunate

during her involvement in CAP Blanket/Towel Drive.


Jack Patrick

Year 10 Frayne

Always volunteering to help out with House activities, and for

being an enthusiastic leader and Frayne House member.


Alex Roberts

Year 9 Anthony

For his willingness to embrace the Performing Arts opportunities at Padua College

such as assemblies, lunchtime performances, Production and rock band.