Dear Members of the Padua College Community

Autumn Concert

Last Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending the Autumn Performing Arts Concert of the Mornington Campus, which was held at the George Jenkins Theatre in Frankston. Our student MC’s, Lewis Fitter and Emily Reidy, kept us entertained, informed and amused; whilst the student performances highlighted the many talents our students have and the partnership that exists between our students and our staff to nurture and develop these talents.

Thank you to Mr Mark Mannock, Ms Gina Reimers, Ms Gina Goss, Mrs Kylie Donnelly, Mr Simon Landid, Mr Paul Jenkins and our College Music and Instrumental Teachers for their dedication and patience. I also wish to thank the many staff who assisted on the night (backstage and ticketing) as well as those that attended. Overall, the performances were outstanding. Congratulations!



Year 10 & 11 Exams, GAT and Semester 2 Timetable

Over the coming weeks, our Year 10 and 11 students will undertake their Semester One Exams, and our students who are studying a Unit 3 and 4 VCE sequence will undertake the GAT (Wednesday 14 June). I wish all of these students all the best in these exams.

I wish to acknowledge the studious manner in which students have approached this exam period and the College staff for the learning environment they have created to ensure these exams are taken seriously and that students are well prepared.

I would especially like to thank our Curriculum Co-ordinators (Miss Amy Beale (M), Mr Shane Trembath (R), Mrs Helen Sugameli (T) and Mrs Belinda Taylor (M)) and our Campus Co-ordinators / Daily Organisers (Mr Jim Baird (M), Ms Cathy Moloney (T), Ms Tina Lunny (R) and Mrs Fia Hobson (M), along with our Maintenance staff for their efforts in ensuring the exams run so smoothly. Our Campus Co-ordinators have also undertaken much work in the preparation of the Semester 2 timetable at each of the campuses. This is a major undertaking and I wish to thank them and acknowledge the work that is involved.


Report Writing Day & Queen’s Birthday Holiday

A reminder to all that Friday 9 June is a Report Writing Day and a student free day. Students are expected to undertake at home study on this day. Monday 12 June is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday and I wish all families a restful long weekend. Please note that classes start back on Tuesday 13 June and it  is not a student free day.


Message from the VCSPA

The following message and attachments have been forwarded to the College from the VCSPB (Victorian Catholic Schools Parents Body), in response to the recent announcements regarding school funding, particularly for Catholic schools. If you wish to provide any feedback to the VCSPB please forward your response to the College email address: and we will be pleased to forward to this on.

Over the past few weeks the VCSPB have been in consultation with CECV, the national parent body, CSPA and NCEC to understand the impact the Quality Schools funding will have on parents in Catholic schools in Victoria.

We have attached a letter for parents from our parent council that we would like to request you send to school board Chairpersons and parents in your schools.

We've attached the letter along with a one page document from CECV that shows a comparison of the Government's claims and what is reality as well as the CECV document that explains how funding is allocated across schools in Victoria should school boards and parents be seeking further information or clarification.

We appreciate your assistance in sending the correspondence out to parents. If you are able to please provide us with some feedback on responses from schools boards and parents in your school communities over the following weeks it will be most appreciated.


Rachel Saliba
Executive Officer - Victorian Catholic Schools Parent Body

Anthony Banks