Fair Trade Afternoon Tea

On Tuesday 23 May, the Year 12 CAP (Catholic Action Program) class and three other Year 12 religion classes gathered in the Ursula Frayne Centre for a Fair Trade Afternoon Tea. This event was fully prepared and run by a group of Year 12 CAP students; Aria Kirwan, Shea Dosiak-Mills, Caitlin Taylor, Izabel Driscoll and Rosie Leon-Thomas, to raise awareness amongst the students about what Fair Trade is, why it’s important and various products and brands that practice Fair Trade.

The afternoon consisted of a 10 minute interactive presentation by myself, with a video about Fair Trade Coffee and charts to compare Fair Trade fashion and beauty products from those which are not. At the end of the presentation students participated in a Kahoot quiz to measure their Fair Trade knowledge, with the winners being awarded a Fair Trade goodie basket with tea, coffee, chocolate and further information about Fair Trade. Finally, to conclude the afternoon, everyone present sat down to enjoy a cup of Fair Trade tea or hot chocolate and a few squares of Fair Trade chocolate. Overall, the afternoon was a success and we hope that the students took something positive away from the afternoon!


By Aria Kirwan, Year 12 MacKillop