Deputy Principal's Report

The last two weeks has seen a plethora of assessment tasks, folios and SACs completed across both Year 11 and 12 in VCE. In what can be a busy time for our students, the dedication and commitment of many will provide them with grounding for successful outcomes. It is also important to acknowledge the many staff who offer extra support outside timetabled classes for content clarification and final tips for assessment. This has been particularly evident in the Arts faculty with extensive folios being produced around the clock.

The Year 11 cohort started their mid-year exam period on Wednesday and this continues on until Friday 16 June. This is the first opportunity for all Year 11 students to complete their exams in the same venue and under exam conditions as prescribed by VCAA in preparation for Year 12 final exams. The exams provide the opportunity for students to shine and present their knowledge in a manner that provides staff with clear indicators of attained and applied knowledge. The exams will provide an important indicator for our Unit 1 awards ceremony on the first day of Term 3 in which we will acknowledge our high achievers from Unit 1.

The large number of students who will take part in the GAT on Wednesday 14 June were provided individual written feedback from their practise GATs in conjunction with our guest presenter at Monday’s assembly. Monday’s assembly ensured all students understand the significance of the GAT and the VCAA protocols that surround the GAT. Students are now aware and encouraged to not see this assessment as tokenistic, rather its role as a predictor of final results and can be used in helping students who for unforeseen reasons cannot complete final end of year exams.

The Year 12 VCAL students have been working feverishly in developing business plans, specialised coaching sessions and organising school based excursions. It is in the specifically designed course that allows the students to showcase their organisation and creativity skills in pulling together major events in line with relevant organisational policies. Such a program allows for all students to find a learning environment that best suits their chosen pathway and succeed accordingly.

As we begin to get to the pointy end of Unit 1 and 3 respectively it is important to be aware that whilst a balanced lifestyle is important, such times with a heavy assessment focus should also represent a greater dedication to study. While some students may find this difficult we can only look at our College motto for further inspiration, “Perseverance Conquers All”.

Curtis Stone
Vice Principal | Head of 11-12 Campus Mornington