Family Schools Partnership

It is with great pleasure that I share absolute “awesomeness.” On Thursday, 25 May our Western Port Community Cooking Program had around 25 volunteers from all our schools come to the kitchens of Padua College Tyabb and cook up a storm. We welcomed mums, dads, friends of mums, staff and students and together under the ever watchful eye of Matt Demarte our chef extraordinaire, we cooked soups, fried rice, casseroles, spaghetti bolognese, curries and risotto to fill each of our school freezers as well as the Parish freezer.   We come together to cook meals for people in our communities that could do with some support through family illness, a death or crises.

We also run a 5 cent campaign in each of our partner primary schools and the Parish to raise money to buy our ingredients and I thank everyone who allows their children to empty their purses and bring their 5 cent pieces to school. Every bit helps and whilst we cannot accept donations of food we are delighted to accept financial donations.

Wait for it...185 containers were filled and that would be around 370 meals. This was all cooked in around 2 hours and what an amazing effort. We also have a lot of laughs too. It really is a great night and we welcome new and returning volunteers.

I keep a database of volunteers and contact directly when we have a cooking night coming up. We certainly understand that you may not always be available but we know we can contact you for next time. Please feel free to email Anne-Marie at and send your name, mobile number and what school your children attend.

Finally an absolute huge thanks to the talented Matt Demarte, our chef and parent from St Joseph's Crib Point. Matt works tirelessly to sort the menu, buy all ingredients and bring our cooking night together. We are very lucky to have him and an enormous thanks to him and all our volunteers.

We hope that you and your family never need a meal but if you know of someone in your school community that could do with some help, please tell your school principal or Padua College Head of Tyabb Campus, Paul Fairlie.  We are here to share our community spirit and caring and a Family School Partnership is about us all working together.


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