Padua Equestrian Team

Participation in the Interschool Equestrian Series has been fantastic this year, with a number of riders and their horses competing in various events. At the recent ISJ (show jumping) at Ayr Hill on 12 May, Eliza Lloyd (Year 11 MacKillop) on Bamboo Harvester (Tez) placed overall champion on the day and on her other horse, Sir Archibald, placed overall 7th in the same class of around 30 competitors. 

Liesel Wright-Smith (Year 8 Cardijn), riding her horse Josh, finished a very commendable 6th place in her Level 4 class, and also rode her other horse Larry in the Level 3 class. Avah Pancic (Year 7 Goold) did three fantastic clear rounds on her horse Evie, then got into the jump off and ended up with 7th place in her event. Also representing Padua College were Max Rumler (Year 8 Geoghegan) and Jazmin Stubbs (Year 10 Doyle) who was competing for the team for the first time. Well done Jazmin. Overall, Padua finished the day ranked 5th in the ISJ Trophy Schools Competition, which is a fantastic result!


              Liesel Wright-Smith with Josh                                               Avah Pancic with Evie


                             Max Rumler                                                                      Jazmine Stubbs

At the ISD Autumn Show (dressage) on 20 May, also at Ayr Hill, Padua College was well represented again, this time by Jewell Ross (Year 8 Chisholm) riding Miche, and Abby-Rose Williams (Year 9 Kolbe) riding Chatswood Flash. Both girls finished in the top 10 placing in their respective classes. The enthusiasm and competitive spirit of all our riders is very pleasing and is certainly improving Padua College’s status in the Interschool Equestrian Series in Victoria. Well done everyone.


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