Family School Partnership News

Padua College Tyabb is one of four Catholic schools located in the Western Port Parish involved in a Family School Partnership. A Family School Partnership can be best described by each of the individual words - families and schools working together in partnership. The key element of a partnership is that parents and schools gather to talk and look at ways to work together. It acknowledges the needs of both parties and looks at ways of working
together for the best outcome for all concerned. What teachers and parents have in common is that we want the best for our children. This is the common ground, where we start our conversation.

On Friday 12 May, a group of Padua parents together with myself, Paul Fairlie, Rob Knight and Natalie Beattie enjoyed a lovely lunch at the St Joseph's Crib Point Cafe. This cafe is run by the senior students of the school, working with their teachers and Matt De Marte, who is a parent of St Joseph's, a staff member and a chef. The cafe has recently undergone a beautiful upgrade and members of the public are welcome to book a table and attend. Payment for your 3 course set meal is by donation. The cafe operates every second Friday and is a fantastic example of a school meeting the learning needs of their students while facing outwardly to their community. Another great example of a Family School Partnership in action.

Our conversation focused on two questions. The parents were asked to describe what they like about Padua College and if there was one thing they could change what would it be? The conversation raised some wonderful ideas and the discussion was really enlightening. We are keen to take this conversation further. At this point, if there are parents that may be interested in attending another get together over the coming weeks then feel free to email me at Details are yet to be confirmed and I am happy to start a database list of interested parents whom I will then contact to invite to our next function.

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