Deputy Principal's Report

As explained in the Principal’s Report this has been an extremely difficult week for students and staff on the 7-10 Campus after the loss of one of our Year 10 students, Amy Carter of Sebastian House. It is at times of great sorrow and grief that we are reminded of the importance of students, staff and families working together and I have been amazed at the generosity of spirit from all in the Padua Community as we carry each other through these days.

Despite our sorrow, there remains many opportunities for us to acknowledge and celebrate the great achievements of our students and I will mention some of them now.

As I mentioned in the last edition of the Paduan, we have challenged our young people to live out our Padua 3 Rules:

1. Do your best

2. Help others achieve

3. Respect your peers and environment

In so many ways we can be satisfied that our young people are living out this credo. By way of example, during this term I have been able to assist Mr Peter McKenzie as Coach in our Year 8 Boys Football Team, and while we celebrate that the boys have easily won both their games so far, what is more impressive is the positive attitude of all the boys involved. The boys have listened carefully to instructions from their Coaches, they have supported each other (even when things didn’t go to plan), they have respected the opposition and of course they have had a lot of fun. It is not hard for us as parents to see how these lessons and attitudes will transfer across all aspects of their lives in the years ahead.

Similar success and learning experiences are occurring all across the Year 7 -10 Mornington Campus.  

Our Year 8 Girls Netball Team have begun their season with great success with a comprehensive win against St Johns Dandenong, many thanks to Mrs Sarah Bailey for coaching our girls.

Charlotte Bigas, Maggie Boland , Emily Kennedy, Jemima Calder, Casey Tricarico, Phoebe McShane, Kayla Drysdale, Mia Bilston, Bridie Nolan and Lilli Federighi.

I am indeed blessed to have my office right next to our dedicated STEAM Room and from time to time I see little robots racing outside my office, (often a welcome distraction). The ingenuity of or students and staff (Mr Wayne Hardy and Mr Paul Barton) astounds me. Below is one of the robots and student Tristan Rogers who was working on his programming skills.


Pastoral Care and our Year of Pardon

During our pastoral care lesson this week Romero students were invited to reflect on the idea of Pardon and then represent these ideas with Chalk Art in the Mary Bowe and Main Quadrangles. Well done to Romero House Co-ordinator, Michelle Dillon and her team of Homeroom teachers and, most importantly, the talented  and insightful students of Romero House.  See the photos below, which are a few of my favourites.

Year 10 Exam Period

As we move through the term can I particularly remind all our Year 10 students to continue their preparations for the Year 10 Exam Period which will run from 14-20 June. Although it may be tempting for our Year 10 students to fall into the trap of believing that these exams are “not as important” as the VCE Exams which lay ahead, I would strongly make the point that good (or bad) habits are built up over time. If our students are serious about their studies they will be dedicating time NOW so that are adequately prepared for what is ahead.

Ruby Papathanassiou, Beatrix De Vara and Angeline Rotunno

Tessa Houlihan, Taylor Farrow, Pippa Kenningham and Tess Hansen

Tess Hansen and Taylor Farrow

Sicili Mule

Mr Landid and Romero Students

Wishing you all continued blessings.



Stephen Veneris
Deputy Principal | Head of 7-10 Campus Mornington