Invitation - Year 12 Drama Performance Night

You are invited to attend the Year 12 Drama students’ presentations of their Ensemble performances on Monday 22 May from 7.00pm- 8.30pm in the Drama Room at Mornington.‚Äč 

The theme of the performance is "Gen-er-ation", and the students will present their interpretation of the prescribed structure adhering to specific criteria. Drama in Year 12 explores non-naturalistic performance styles that require the students to transform character, place, time and object in front of the audience. This means they will play multiple characters and further develop expressive skills of voice, movement, facial expression and gesture. Elements they must include in the performance are: mask and/or puppetry, song, international locations including Australia, symbol and contrast.

Students who are looking to study Drama in senior school should come along as well, to see what we do! All staff, students and parents are warmly invited to attend. 


Gina Goss
Year 11 & 12 Pastoral Coordinator