Deputy Principal's Report

“We live in exciting and changing times. The range of options available for young people to follow in their life and careers are many, diverse and varied.” (Padua College Careers).

This week Year 10 students participated in the Careers - Moving Forward program.  We gathered at the Bayview Church, a convenient location with excellent facilities and we thank Pastor Stephen for his generosity in allowing Padua Rosebud to use their Church community’s facilities. The day was well planned and organised by Mrs Milne, Rosebud Careers Co-ordinator and supported by teaching and Administration staff along with Mrs Morrison, College Student Pathways Co-ordinator. Moving Forward included presentations from Chisholm TAFE and Monash University; Careers talks from staff; Website searches; A web based careers quiz; A Careers Resource pack and Pathway Planning summaries were completed for upcoming Pathway interviews. The information gathered from the Moving Forward program will provide guidance during the Interviews for 2018 Year 11 course selections.

I doubt that many of us parents (if we reflected back on our school years) would have experienced the same level of direction and support that students now receive for their future pathway planning. Students require careful and wise counsel when navigating the myriad of options that are presented in 21st Century Australia.  We also know that a healthy balance of work and play enables the mindset of a young adult to cope with the pressures that come with the final years of education and beyond. Having a conversation with one of the Pathways team is a sensible way for students to ease anxieties and help clear the mind on the future. Thanks also to Year 10 students for their attention and interest when listening to the Moving Forward sessions. It will become apparent to students during their adult lives that ‘lifelong learning’ is no throwaway line.


Thank you for the effort given to ensuring students arrive at school with the correct uniform. Our students know that a uniform makes their school life easier rather than having no uniform, which would lead to a fashion competition. Uniform is always the good fight that must be fought both at school and at home.

Primary Educators

To begin 2017, I included the picture of the lighthouse and its significance with a dinner table. ‘Both provide a sanctuary for showing and enlightening right directions in mind, body and spirit.’  The dinner able is a lighthouse for family conversation – i.e.  The self-discipline not to be consumed with social media. Conversations around the dinner table (with no phones or TV) will bring sense and balance to a teenager’s world especially when they hear from mum and or dad who after all are their primary educators.

At Padua Rosebud

SIS Public Speaking is underway; Year 7 House Masses have begun with Fr McIntosh from the Sorrento Parish leading the Eucharistic celebrations; Strategic Planning information sessions have been held at all campuses; the Cross Country squad are in training; the Parent Group met at Padua Rosebud on Wednesday evening and the annual Australia wide NAPLAN tests were held for Years 7 and 9.

Technology is certainly not disappearing, in fact Google may soon be (if not already) at the top of the pyramid for all forms of communication. Like the good fight always being fought with uniform, the same applies for the use of iPads and phones when on campus. At Padua Rosebud we can and do act on improper use.

Best wishes

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