Parent Page

Greetings to all Parents,

I am writing this before the consultation on the Year 9 Program which was held on Wednesday 10 May, but you are reading it after the consultation. So thank you to all the parents who came and contributed to the discussion. We greatly appreciate your interest and value your insights from a parent perspective.

Thanks also to Mark DeFazio, the staff member who will run the program when it begins next year, for his input on the night.

There are two further significant parent events this term …


Next Wednesday 17 May at 7.00pm, parent volunteers will meet for our second Padua Community Cooking Night to prepare a planned menu of meals in the school kitchens of Padua College Mornington. These meals will then be frozen and delivered by our Pastoral Associate Mary Cameron to families in need in our school community. This is a very practical way that we show our care for families in our community who are in need or experiencing difficult times.

If you would like to be part of the evening next Wednesday, please let us know by emailing Anne-Marie Houlihan on and give her your name, email address and phone number.     


Tuesday, 13 June at 7.30pm (Rosebud Campus)

The agenda for this meeting will be confirmed in the next issue of the Paduan, but a major item will be to continue our conversation about ways of better engaging parents in the Padua community - at school, campus and house levels. We will also be organising the upcoming Parent Forum and the school’s involvement in the Arthurs Seat Challenge.

(Please remember that Parent meetings in Term 3 will be at the Tyabb Campus.)

As always, if you would like to email me with any thoughts, questions or suggestions, please feel free to do so. I’d love to hear from you

Michael Harrison
Deputy Principal: Mission & Community