Library News

The College Library is an essential space and service for learning and teaching across the school and, as such, the Library team has been developing a purpose statement which articulates all we aim to provide to students and staff across our three campuses. We recently agreed that the Library’s purpose is to support Padua College’s vision to be a positive, creative learning community, by providing a welcoming environment, and innovative, contemporary programs, services and resources, that develop students’ traditional, information and digital literacies, and enrich and extend the school’s curriculum as a whole.’ The Library staff will deliver a series of initiatives throughout the remainder of this year and beyond, to ensure we achieve this purpose.

Year 9 Wide Reading Program

The teacher-librarians are currently developing a new Wide Reading program for our Year 9 students, to be delivered in partnership with their English teachers during their fortnightly Library period. The overarching goal of all our Wide Reading programs is to maintain students’ interest in recreational reading, and counter the disengagement with reading that can occur when students reach middle school (even amongst students who were avid readers in primary school). This program will also encourage Year 9 students who have never been keen readers to be open to the idea of becoming one, and the teacher-librarians will work hard to match a range of texts to students’ interests and abilities. More information on the Year 9 Wide Reading program will follow.

Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge (VPRC)

The Library is co-ordinating Padua College’s participation in the 2017 VPRC and teacher-librarians have been promoting this challenge to keen readers, particularly our Year 7 students. The VPRC runs from March to September each year and is undertaken by thousands of Victorian students, who challenge themselves to read 15 books in that time. All students who meet the Challenge are awarded a certificate and can have their name appear on an online Honour Roll. Participation is free. If your child is interested in finding out more, they should speak to any Library staff member at their campus.

Extended Library loans

The Library team recently agreed to trial extending the loan period for student borrowing, from two to three weeks. This gives our students an additional week to finish reading their Library books and, as those students who also use the local public library network will realise, it brings Padua’s Library loan period in-line with that of the Mornington Peninsula Library Service. It’s hoped that, by extending the loan period, the number of overdue Library resources will also be reduced. Currently, students are notified of overdue Library items each Tuesday by their Home Room teacher and via their student email. It is important that overdue items are returned promptly, so the borrower is not prevented from borrowing Library resources for longer than necessary, and other students are not denied access to items they may wish to borrow. Students who have misplaced Library items are equally encouraged to come into the Library to discuss this matter with a team member, so a mutually satisfactory resolution can be achieved.

For Senior Students - Learning Advisors @ the Library

The College’s teacher-librarians at Mornington are offering a new ‘Learning Advisor’ service, to help senior students who are feeling ‘stuck’ during a study period to get ‘unstuck’, by providing advice on researching and referencing, understanding their assessment and work requirements, and time and study management. Learning Advisors are available near the silent study area, to all students using the Library during all FLEXI periods, Day 5 Periods 1 & 2, Day 7 Periods 1, 2, 5 & 6, Day 9 Periods 1 & 2 and Day 10 Periods 1, 5 & 6.

Nicolle Brigden
Head of Library Services