Grampians Hike

The students of Year 10 Outdoor Education from Tyabb Campus went to the Grampians for a two night hike from 27-29 March. Our packs were heavy and the hills were steep but with a great group of blokes the camp was enjoyable.

The first day we got off the bus and it was a bit wet but the rain left us and wasn't seen again throughout the trip. The first day there was some dodgy navigating which resulted in walking an extra 3km for the day and getting into camp that night in the dark. We set up tents and got some food into our systems and went off to bed on the yoga mats.

The next day was a lot more enjoyable than the first due to knowing what we had to do and some of the views were mind blowing. We got to camp a bit earlier, which enabled us to play a bit of cricket and check out some of the local wildlife.

The next morning we woke up and jumped on the bus and went down to the Brambuk Indigenous Centre in Halls Gap, where we were taught how to play didgeridoos and ate some of the local tucker. The camp was then over and back home we went. The camp was great and was done in high spirits. Massive thanks to Mr Albrecht, Ms Grahamme and to Abbey.

 By: Max Vercoe, Year 10 Cardijn