Deputy Principal's Report

As we continue Term Two and move through Autumn we are struck by the changes in nature all around us, our senses are reawakened, magnificent hues on our trees, crisp mornings…no frosts yet, the sound more frequently of rain our rooves, the signs of transition are everywhere. This reminds us that we are all guests passing through and in the spirit of “Stewardship” we have a duty to take care of what has been gifted to us AND to leave this gift in a better state than how we found it. This is true for our school, Padua College, our community on the Peninsula, our state of Victoria, our nation our mother earth.

I spoke with our students across Years 7, 9 and 10 about this idea during the past two weeks and I hope to speak with the Year 8 students soon on the same topic. For us here at Padua College what does this idea of Stewardship mean? As a starting point I would suggest three key aspects which I have borrowed from the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver, Canada.

1. Gratitude

Stewardship is living a life of gratitude – taking the time every day to recognise the gifts that God has given and to be grateful for them.

2. Giving Back

Stewardship is returning a portion of our gifts to God. The gifts we return are our time, our talent and our treasure. We return these gifts not because God or our Church needs them but because we feel an overwhelming need to show our love and gratitude to God.

3. Transformative

Stewardship is transformative. Once we embrace the stewardship message it changes the way we look at every decision we make. Stewardship becomes a total way of life.

For our students I will continue to ask them to focus throughout our Year of Pardon on “Giving Back”. Very simply, they can do this with living out our Padua 3 Rules; 1. Do your best, 2. Help others achieve, 3. Respect your peers and environment.

Every day we challenge our young people to do their best, in their studies, in their sport, in their artistic pursuits. We ask them to support their classmates to do the same. We insist that they respect the College by keeping the grounds clean and also by wearing their full College uniform in perfect order.

In all these ways our Padua students are indeed being Stewards of this great school…and that is something of which we can all be proud.

Stephen Veneris
Deputy Principal | Head of 7-10 Campus Mornington