Dear Parents & Students

Padua Day

St Anthony of Padua is one of the most famous disciples of St Francis of Assisi. He was a famous preacher and worker of miracles in his own day, and since his death he has so generously come to the assistance of the faithful who invoke him, that he is known throughout the world. Anthony's wealthy family wanted him to be a great nobleman, but for the sake of Christ he became a poor Franciscan. He was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church on 16 January 1946. Born in 1195 at Lisbon, Portugal, Anthony died on 13 June 1231.

13 June marks his Feast Day celebrated by the Universal Church however, due to the College schedule, we celebrate this day in April. The celebrations started with a Whole College Mass and we thank  Fr Joel Peart from the St Macartan’s Parish for celebrating the Mass with us. Mass was followed by a day of fun activities and a music concert.

My sincere thanks to all those that made this celebration such a wonderful success. It was wonderful to see all the students and staff from all three campuses come together to celebrate who we are as a Catholic College. My thanks to all student leaders and staff who ran activities on the day. I must make a special mention of Mr Michael Harrison for his overall co-ordination of the day. 

ANZAC Day Ceremonies on the Mornington Peninsula

Our three campuses were represented at the local ANZAC Day Commemorative Services on Tuesday 25 April across the Mornington Peninsula. I thank the students and staff who marched, laid wreaths and read at these various services. These services reinforced the place of Padua College in the local community and paid the due respect to all of those women and men who have served to make this great country what it is today.

Lest we forget.

SIS Swimming Carnival

Students from all three campuses competed today in the SIS Swimming Carnival at the MSAC, striving for our 29th consecutive win. There will be a report in the next Paduan regarding this event, but good luck to all of the competitors who are representing the College today.

Staff Professional Learning Day

My sincere thanks to Mrs Kay Anderson, Ms Nicole Jane, Ms Marjorie Canal, Ms Kelly McGurn, Mr Mark De Fazio and Mr Michael Harrison for their involvement in the staff Professional Learning day held on Tuesday 18 April, the first day of Term. The day provided a great opportunity for all teaching staff to further develop our teaching practice. 

Year 7 2018 Enrolments

Please be aware that enrolments and the subsequent interviews for Year 7 2018 were conducted last year with the Grade 5 2016 students. If you have a current Grade 6 student who is not already enrolled or not on College waiting lists, you should contact Ms Christine Mose, Enrolment Registrar, immediately. 

Year 7 2019 Enrolments

For Year 7, 2019 students (Grade 5, 2017) enrolments opened last Term and the closing date for receipt of applications will be on Friday 19 May 2017. If you require an application package, please contact the College Registrar, Ms Christine Mose. Please see the College website if you wish to book a tour of any of our campuses.

Staff News

Condolences and Best Wishes:

Congratulations Mrs Liz Filgate (M) on the arrival of baby Alexandra over the holidays and my condolences to Ms Bridee Money (R) on the passing of her father recently following a long illness.

Educational Strategic Plan & Master Plan Parent Info Evenings

Parents will have received an email invitation to the information evenings at each of the Campuses that will occur next week. These evenings will outline to our school community the Educational Strategic Plan that was developed last year for implementation over the next two years; the Master Plan for the Mornington Campus as well as Schematic Plans for the first Stage of the Master Plan which is a new 2.5 storey Year 10 – 12 Learning Centre. Parent Information Evenings have been scheduled to commence at 7.00pm at each of the campuses as follows:

Mornington Campus – Monday 1 May

Rosebud Campus – Tuesday 2 May

Tyabb Campus – Wednesday 3 May

I ask parents to RSVP via this Try Booking link so that we have an indication of numbers for each evening:

European Tour

My sincere thanks to Mr Frank Colcott, Ms Sally Buick, Mr Curtis Stone, Mr Stephen Cussigh and Mrs Linda Colcott who accompanied the 28 Padua College students on their European Tour. The trip was a wonderful success by all reports.

House Cross Country

Congratulations to all students who competed in the House Cross Country events across the College, at Mornington and Tyabb last Friday and at Rosebud this week on Wednesday. Due to the weather, Year 9 students at the Mornington Campus are still to be given an opportunity to compete and this is to be scheduled for the near future. My thanks to Mr Emilio Di Paolo, Mr Nick Gleeson, Mr Brad Byles and Mr Terry Luppino, and all staff involved in this event.

Winter Uniform

I remind parents to check that their child’s winter uniform is ready for the changeover date, 1 May 2017. On any cooler days before the official start date of 1 May, students may choose to wear their winter uniform as long as it’s worn in its entirety. In this lead up to winter uniform time, I remind female students that tights/stockings should not be worn with the summer dress in any circumstances. For girls, there is no option to wear the summer dress during the months of May, June, July and August and boys must be wearing their tie correctly. Blazers are to be worn to and from school and all classes during this period.

With wetter weather coming and more students now walking some distances to be on campus, I recommend that students purchase the navy rain jackets which are available at the Dobson’s Uniform Shops. Other rain jackets and coats will be confiscated if worn as the navy rain jacket is the only approved garment for inclement weather.

The Uniform Shop now has in stock a Padua College soft shell jacket which can be worn as on over garment to keep them warm and dry. When wearing this jacket to and from school, students will still need to wear the College Blazer.

Anthony Banks