Deputy Principal's Report

Down to Business in Term 2!
After a well-earned and relaxing break, it is down to business for Term 2 at the Tyabb Campus. Based on observations over the past few days, the students look refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges that will confront them in the busy weeks ahead. As the days get shorter, it is imperative that young people get adequate sleep, activity and right nutrition to help them maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Frequently, weekend routines can be contradictory to this and by the following Monday afternoon students can struggle to remain focussed in class. This is a challenge for teachers who value class time and want their students to be engaged and on task.
An important skill for students is maximise their use of class time. They can do this by being well prepared, asking relevant questions and working determinedly to keep on top of any set tasks. The purpose of giving students the College Organiser is to assist them in managing these important aspects of their learning. Effective use of the Organiser was discussed at the final Campus Assembly in Term 1. 
As the new term commences, it presents the perfect opportunity for students to recalibrate their learning habits and to set achievable goals. The Interim Progress Report Meetings with parents, students and teachers are the ideal platform for goal setting and establishing improved practice. Everyone is capable of improvement and the teachers at Padua are intent on building an aspirational culture of achievement for students.
The behaviour and example set by Padua Tyabb students is extremely impressive. Their genuinely optimistic and positive attitude is matched by a willingness to co-operate and communicate. There is an obvious proud connection to their community and this helps to engender a strong sense of belonging. With these qualities, there is much to look forward to throughout this term and the campus will continue to thrive despite the onset of cooler weather.
We welcome back Mr Rob Knight as Pastoral Co-ordinator and thank Mrs Natalie Beattie for filling this important role in Term 1.
Paul Fairlie
Deputy Principal | Head of Tyabb Campus​