Indigenous Immersion Experience

In June this year, a group of ten Senior students and two Staff Members will be traveling to the Warralong IndigenousCommunity in WA for an Immersion experience. We will be working with the local school to help them with their daily activities such as school work, fishing and cooking.
Late in Term 1 we were lucky enough to meet with Antahlia Thomas and Kirsten Wonadon, two of the girls from the Warralong Community. We spent some time to get to know them, asked them some questions and they gave us a brief idea of what we should expect when we go over to visit them.
We took them on a tour of Padua Mornington Campus and they were in awe of the size of our school and the variety of facilities here.
The Padua College Indigenous Immersion group comprises teachers Mr Peter Harte and Ms Bern Young and the following students: Beth Hansen, Ciara Darrer, Niamh Spalding, Lily Bursey and Siobhan Stephan. The group, together with the Indigenous students’ teacher Ms Jeanette Watts, is photographed in the Padua College Boardroom where we enjoyed having lunch together.
We are really looking forward to seeing the girls again in their own environment and can't wait to learn more about the aboriginal culture.  
By Niamh Spalding and Ciara Darrer | Year 11 Francis