Ozanam Literacy and Numeracy Program

The Linked Hands Program  (Ozanam Literacy and Numeracy Program) utilises the facilities at  Ozanam  Enterprises in Mornington. The program's primary objective is to develop continuing and positive interaction between the employees with disabilities from Ozanam Enterprises and students from Padua College. This program has been in operation for more than twenty-five years.

 The evaluation of this unique partnership and its effect on the educational outcomes of the students relies heavily on the feedback received from parents, teachers and the students themselves. Many parents credit their child’s participation in one or another aspect of this program with creating a vehicle for improved self-image and independent action. There is a wide body of research that supports the inclusion of community service activities as part of a school curriculum for the development of the whole person. Through the Ozanam Program, students are called to justice, caring and compassion. 

 Each Monday & Friday, a staff member will transport a group of four Year 8 -10 students to Ozanam Enterprises, [located in Yuilles Road, Mornington], to work with a small regular group of enthusiastic participants from Ozanam.

 This will occur during a Period 3, and students who volunteer to be included on the roster, may go 6-8 times during the year.

 Please don't   hesitate to contact me if you require further information!  At this stage, we are hoping  to commence on Monday 15May. The program concludes on Friday 21 October.    


Val Hardie
Teacher | Maths