Deputy Principal's Report


Welcome back to Term Two as we continue to enjoy the beauty of autumn warmth. The Easter weekend is always a wonderful time for families, especially those who enjoy pitching a tent at various rivers and parks around the state. On Tuesday our Campus leaders led a service to commemorate ANZAC Day. It was a simple service and the students' respect for the occasion was outstanding. Our students were reminded that they will be responsible for ensuring the children of tomorrow never forget the words, “remember them.’ Our students were also reminded that it’s what we do that changes the world, as Paul Kelly states in one of his many songs, ‘from little things big things grow.’ Our world changes from what happens at home, from in the schoolyard and or classroom or in our clubs and general daily interactions.

Easter celebrates the risen Christ.  His words, “father forgive” are easy to say but much harder to live:

On the night of 14th November 1940, the city of Coventry in England suffered the longest air-raid of any British city during WWII. High explosive bombs were dropped by the German Air Force. Fire bombs fell, gutting many buildings, including the beautiful medieval cathedral. The following day, some of the debris was cleared from the ruins of the cathedral. With only its stone walls left standing Coventry had an ‘open-air’ cathedral. From the ruins were taken two charred wooden beams that had held up the roof. These were bound with wire and made into a large cross, and set up in a bin of sand near the ruined high altar. 16 years after the cathedral’s destruction, the first stone of a new cathedral was laid. It is linked to the old ruined church whose walls still stand. Every day at midday a brief service of reconciliation is held. On Fridays the service is held at the high altar of the ruined cathedral. The cross of charred beams remains there, with the words “Father, forgive” inscribed on the altar. If we think about “forgiveness”, we may remember that there is only one condition in the prayer of Jesus that we call the “Our Father”. The condition is that we are forgiven as we set out to forgive those who have hurt us. On the cross, Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive.” There may be a time in my life when I find that I can’t say those words because I wouldn’t mean them. Perhaps, then, I can say: “Father, I want to forgive.”  Maybe the hurt is so deeply felt that, at the moment, I can only genuinely say: “Father, I want to want to forgive.” Then, at a later date, I will be able to progress through those three, Father forgive.


Welcome to a Coffee Shop Gathering

The transition from primary to secondary can be a different awakening as the daily life of a secondary school works within different contexts of larger populations and more locked in ‘time management.’ In light of the primary to secondary transition it was wonderful to meet with Year 7 parents Linda Farquhar and Becca Smith who are keen to build up a Rosebud Parent Social community network.  I thank Linda and Becca for their enthusiasm and the value both place on community. Linda, Becca and I will meet regularly and please stay tuned for an upcoming care monkey invitation to a coffee shop gathering to begin building these Padua Rosebud parent community connections.

Welcome Fr Ian Mackintosh OMI

Fr Ian joined staff for morning tea Wednesday. He will celebrate class liturgies and knows he is always welcome to be a presence at Padua Rosebud. We hope within Fr Ian’s busy schedule that there are times when he can join our campus community for the journey.

Progress Meetings

Thank you to the parents who were available to attend the parent teacher progress meetings. These are often insightful moments that can surprise (in positive ways) and provide opportunities for growth. The changing context of our world means that teenagers interpret and navigate their thoughts in different ways to process the overload of information that is accessible through different forums. Beyond all the different contexts may our students not forget that there are no silver spoons gifted – success comes from perseverance and commitment.

Thankyou to the students who marched at Dromana and Rosebud or participated in an ANZAC Day service. Much more satisfaction is in being present for the moment. The week has been a short one but no less busy with our Campus Cross Country; the SIS Swimming Carnival and next week SIS Public Speaking, followed by the annual College Cross Country Camp.

May Term Two be a term of good health and quality time for you family.

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