Marissa Alden (Year 12 Class of 2013)

Marissa Alden (Year 12 Class of 2013) is a professional photographer whose work has just featured on the front cover of the Sunday Life magazine published by The Age on Sunday 19 March.

Marissa commenced at Rosebud Campus in Year 7 2008, and was introduced to Photography initially by her teacher, Mrs Petrina Tyler. During her VCE years, Marissa elected to undertake three folio subjects - certainly a very ambitious workload that Padua College does not usually encourage, unless the student is exceptionally competent and self-motivated. At school, Marissa’s folios were of an A+ standard consistently, and she was clearly passionate about the Visual Arts, so Mrs Tyler had no hesitation in recommending that she undertake the workload involved.

Since leaving Padua, Marissa has received many awards for her work, and exhibited in New York at the tender age of 18. Her Surrealist styled underwater room image was published on an Avanti Post card; she has written numerous articles for online magazines and has her own photography business set up for Portrait and Wedding Photography, which you can find on Facebook if you search for "Marissa Alden Photography".

We hope you enjoy Marissa’s latest Photography/Styling project here: