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Recently at our George Otero workshop I presented what I called “Slices of our work in the Western Port Cluster.” The idea was to share with the group some of the fundamentals and core philosophies that drive our work. I asked Gab Espenschied, Principal of St Joseph's Crib Point, the question “What would be the key message that you would like me to convey to this group that encompasses the core belief of why we have a cluster and work in a Family School Partnership?”

Her answer was “Every child deserves success.”

I loved the response and the simplicity of the statement. What a beautiful way to convey that every child in our school deserves success. This of course raised the following ideas for me:

● What success looks like for one child may not look for another.
● Small steps toward a bigger journey.
● This statement is ageless. Every child deserving success can be applied to a
child in Foundation first starting school, through to a child undertaking Year 12
and every child in between.
● Parents and teachers would both agree with this statement and would
naturally work together to look at ways to best make this happen.
● What parents and teachers bring to this statement will vary according to
circumstances and would not be without challenge.
● A relationship involving trust and dialogue can make this happen.
● This relationship is of paramount importance to the child teacher relationship,
the parent child relationship and the parent, teacher, child relationship.
● Our broader community is there to nurture and support this.

I would encourage you to think about this and ask you consider doing one thing between now and the end of term that improves the success of your child.

Anne-Marie Houlihan | Family School Leader