Deputy Principal's Report

Some years ago a Year 10 lad was in my Office and we talked about his up and down behaviour at school. During our conversation the boy said, “Mr Smith, I wish my parents would say no to me.”  It did make me think about what is tough love. Perhaps the following dot points might be a reasonable summation:

          - Not giving in to keep the peace.
          - Accepting there are times when a teenager needs to be given a reality check.
          - Valuing/making family time.
          - Staying strong to your decisions.
          - Have boundaries, expectations and nurture resilience.
          - Love that is unconditional, inappropriate behaviours that are not.
          - Use the word NO. 

The angel that walks out the front door is not always the same angel that walks through the gates of any school. Teenagers are programmed to think differently to make mistakes and to challenge - every teenager (in their own way) is finding their place in the world. Teenagers like having boundaries. Why? Because teenagers want to feel secure. They will not admit it and are quick to sound out their rights in their ‘mature speak’ but most prefer the security of knowing their family values are sacrosanct. Teenagers will raise the ante in protest and so on but they do like mum and or dad to maintain ‘ standards’ as they also want from we teachers when on their school turf.

Teenagers are strong on injustice, whilst sometimes neglecting their own inefficiencies – perhaps they are more like we adults than we think. Teenagers still have their L-plates on and like travelling on the roads they will learn from impulsiveness; near misses and by those who guide them whether in the passenger seat or in the classroom. A sometimes complicated world can be a harsh judge for teenagers, hence all the more reason to ensure we not only build a well-grounded teenager but one who certainly can see that failure is also an opportunity. Oh what a journey!

Padua Rosebud Happenings

A big thankyou to Teresa House Project Compassion Coin Line. All Houses contributed to this fundraiser, a wonderful way to add to the Lenten journey by thinking of those in the Third World. Please look out for the Caremonkey letter in regards to Bus Safety. Students know what is expected when travelling to and from school. We deal with very few bus issues which is a reflection of responsible behaviours.

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