Fr Laurie Pearson

President of the Canonical Administrators

After Ordination to the priesthood at St Francis Xavier, Frankston in 1969, I served as Assistant Priest at West Preston, East Brunswick, Mordialloc and Yarraville. During 1974 I was a full time student at the National Pastoral Institute located in Melbourne. My main field of interest at that time was an exploration about Adult Learning and Adult Faith Education. Later on I took part in a sabbatical renewal program at Hawkstone Hall in the U.K.

I was appointed Parish Priest at Norlane and Clayton until appointment as Parish Priest of Mount Eliza at the beginning of 2001. During my time at St Thomas More I have served as regional rep. on the Archbishop's Council of Priests and was Priest Co-ordinator of the Peninsula Deanery for some years.

In regard to my experience of teaching, in my role as a Catholic Priest I have been involved in Education in Faith in various situations. This has included teaching catechetics at both Catholic and Government schools at both Primary and Secondary levels. I have never received remuneration as a teacher.

My initial association with the Collee Board was as deputy to Fr John Hannah until his retirement, when I became President of the Association of Canonical Administrators of Padua College.

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